The Rockefeller Drugcartel

The Rockefeller drug cartel … a highly profitable and deeply inhumane disease System „earned“ quadrillion profits annually on the bone mountains of mankind! English Version…see the truth behind the candelaber!

The school „medicine“ is globally one of the largest and most comfortable profit source (war, weapons, drugs and human trafficking are indeed perhaps even larger but more expensive). The profit potential is unimaginable and is annually worldwide in the trillion-range (one trillion is 1,000 billion! 1 billion is 1,000 millions!). The school „medicine“ and the pharmaceutical lobby lead for a century the world an inhuman war for and against each patient. The aim of this war is to make every man a chronically ill people who never want to recover as long as possible „authorized“ with the drugs patented apparatus and monopolized methods of the pharmaceutical industry can be „treated“ profit bringing.

Another goal is to destroy the naturopathy or „prohibit“ and prevent so that people without profit for the pharmaceutical industry healthy:
Only a chronically ill patient is a good patient – a profitable patient namely that is only deliberately made ill and then his life arbitrarily and artificially dependent „scientifically recognized“ by the equipment, treatment methods and drugs of the commercial school „medicine „is made and maintained. A devilish, completely human-despised crimes method and system of base motives: greed.
The pernicious influence of the pharmaceutical lobby to the school „medicine“ goes far beyond the medical schools. By means of a network of tax-exempt foundations, the high finance surreptitiously total control of the educational system, research system and medical education in all countries of the world. Since then prevails at the medical faculties of the world an exclusive focus on the use of patented allopathic drugs and the chemical and pharmaceutical research.

By Norbert Knobloch
The global pharmaceutical and drug industry, which is just like the fertilizer and pesticide industry from subsidiaries of even larger cartel companies in the chemical and oil industry has so a perfidious Perpetuum Mobile installed a system that permanently giant profit yields, without having to do anything. Once fired up, it can no longer stop and produces incessantly only one thing: money / earnings / profit. The ruthless approach to accumulate unimaginable wealth by means of pharmacy can be determined and until the 19th century back-track on the family dynasty Rockefeller.
The German-American bigamist, rapists, horse thief, cheat, swindler, quack and a charlatan William Avery Rockefeller (eigtl. Roquefeuille [rock sheet], Americanized to Rockefeller), descendant of emigrants in the 17th century to North America family rock field driving (today Neuwied / Rhineland-Palatinate), moved as sleazy peddler with a handcart across the country and offered a petroleum / alcohol brew as a „magic bullet“ against cancer bargain. He had no medical or academic training, but was boldly as „Dr. „Settled in local address books as and“ Enter doctor „William A. Rockefeller, famous cancer specialist. In its „billboards“ (cardboard signs on his wooden cart) read: „cure for all cancers, except for the too far advanced, which can also be greatly alleviated, however.“ Impending arrests and convictions he escaped by crossing borders into other states.
The basic substance of almost all synthesized chemicals is coal tar or crude oil. Most drugs are themselves synthesized in the laboratory from crude oil. Almost the entire global petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in turn, is now owned by a single group: the family dynasty Rockefeller of the East Coast.

Thus it controls the worldwide pharmaceutical production of drugs, and how it happened:
On November 9, 1929, the German chemical cartel IG Farben met with the US-American oil and banking empire of the Rockefeller family a transnational cartel agreement. „IG“ stands for „community of interest“ – in other words for „cartel“. A „cartel“ is a means to bypass the competition of a free market and to gain a monopoly. ( „Competition is a sin!“ John D. Rockefeller, Sr.) It always leads to a price dictates and to a limitation of product choice. The term „color“ comes from the fact that the modern chemical industry has its origins in the development of dyes; in fact it was the name given to the entire chemistry, including ammunition and drugs production. Who produces ammunition and drugs or controlled, dominated – about war and medicine – the populations of all countries in the world and all mankind.
Eben was found that cartels are means to eliminate competition and gain monopolies. This means that cartels are not the result of the free market, the free enterprise-tums, but a means of escape from the free enterprise and an instrument for its destruction. Therefore always work cartels and collectivist governments (monopoly capitalism, „socialism“, „communism“) together: A strong but corrupt and so controlled government with the power to regulate every aspect of economic life by law and regulate, is the best collaborator and accomplice of private cartels and monopolies.

From this follows further: if a strong government is good for cartels, a stronger state is better and a totalitarian state is best for cartels. For this reason, private cartels are always the stringy behind the scenes conveyor been any form of state totalitarianism: They financed the Bolsheviks of the Russian (Counter-) Revolution, the fascists in Italy promoted and supported the National Socialists in Germany. And they are the driving force behind the planned development of the global fascist plutocracy of the New World Order.
The state is therefore a political instrument of private practices / of monopoly-capital / high finance to enforce and protect their economic private interests. But this is, by definition, fascism, „“ fascism „is the dictatorship of monopoly capital“ (Robert Brady), total control of the state by the private sector. Fascism is the total private control of all three branches of government: legislative (government / parliament), executive (administrative / police / military) u. Judiciary (Justice), that is the entire state apparatus, as well as the media to censorship and the propaganda apparatus for the manipulation of public opinion.
The support and promotion of totalitarian regimes by private, mostly foreign cartels developed before the First World War in Germany. The cartels that banded together after the First World War to the IG Farben AG had already supports the German Chancellor Otto Von bismarck because they saw a great opportunity in his collectivist „State“ philosophy, under the guise of an alleged „patriotism“ a to conquer privileged position of power. The ultimate goal was to achieve world domination by the high financial and dictated by the IG Farben AG global superstate.
1904 was the Badische Anilin und Sodafabrik (BASF) together with Agfa Bayer and the Interest Group paint industry. On November 14, 1924, the founding of IG Farben AG was decided. The Hoechst AG transferred on 21 November 1925 their assets to BASF; Agfa, Bayer and Weiler-ter-Meer followed. Then on 2 December 1925, the BASF changed its name to IG Farben AG and moved its headquarters to Frankfurt am Main. Two men played the leading role in the founding of IG Farben: Hermann Schmitz and Eduard Greutert. Schmitz was one of the directors of the Reichsbank and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel (both Rothschild). Greutert, a German national, was Swiss banker; his bank that Greutert & Cie., had also based in Basel. Thus was the IG Farben AG from the beginning part of the international banking cartel owned or controlled by unrelated families Dynasties Rothschild and Rockefeller.
What is clear is In the years before World War II originated in Germany an international cartel center in Frankfurt am Main, which controlled the chemical and pharmaceutical industries throughout the world and dominated. His sphere of influence extended to 93 (!) Countries on all continents. It held equity shareholdings in 613 companies, of which 173 are foreign, linkages with over 2000 other cartels had and had cash assets of six billion Reichsmarks in gold. It was one of the strongest economic (economic) and political powers of the earth. Until the beginning of World War II was the cartel the largest industrial companies in Europe and the largest chemical companies in the world as well as through mergers with US-American petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical companies (Eastman Kodak, DuPont Company, Standard Oil of New Jersey [Rockefeller] and others) has grown into the most powerful cartel in history. This cartel was the German interest group Farbenindustrie AG. It still exists, but under another name and not in German, but American-owned – owned by the most powerful family holding the world: Rockefeller.
Center and nerve center of this power is the largest private bank in the world: the 1955 founded Chase Manhattan Bank of New York John D. Rockefellers. It is far richer than most states and more like itself a state as an economic enterprise. It employs well over 50,000 employees around the world and maintains a full-time ambassador (!) At the United Nations (United Nations [UN]), the „house bank“ it is.
„The“ United Nations „have always been a pet project of the Rockefeller family. They donated the land, now is at the UN building. It is likely that she sees the „United Nations“ as the most perfect mechanism to enforce global monopoly power, a role for which they are ideally suited because of their structure. “

The abundance of power of Wall Street is unprecedented and unimaginable. The assets of each of the multinationals Rockefellers is greater than the capacity of some countries: ITT has more employees abroad than the US State Department. The research and development budget of IBM is higher than the total tax revenue in most countries of the world. The tanker fleet of Standard Oil is far greater than that of the Soviet Union / Russia. 
In the US, one percent of the population owns more than 70 percent of the industries of the country; ten percent have the entire US industry. Of these, in turn manages more than half of the most powerful Wall Street banks, which in turn are controlled by a small private group. This group represents the greatest concentration of wealth and power that has ever seen the world. The most powerful member of this group is the Rockefeller family.
When, after the war (1953) the German part of the assets of IG Farben was overwritten on Bayer, Hoechst and other cartel members, took the financial transaction, the First National City Bank of New York Rockefellers before. And when in 1962 the assets of the American IG, that the American portion of the assets of IG Farben, was at the suggestion of then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy, brother of President John F. Kennedy, at auction, the winning bidder (329 million US were -Dollars) the secret () auction, an anonymous insurance consortium with 225 members (majority shareholder represented Rockefeller), (from the investment banks First Boston Corporation Chase Manhattan Group) and Blyth & Company (First National Group) – both!? Rockefeller agencies. The financial management concerned with the Chase Manhattan Bank of New York once more and also a Rockefeller Institute. Everything in one hand and under one roof, so to speak …!
By means of a network of tax-exempt foundations, which were issued as alleged „charity projects“ says Rockefeller surreptitiously gradually the total control of the educational system and medical education in the US It began in 1901 with the founding of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. After getting the same knitting pattern so profitable companies like the New York Tuberculosis and Health Association, the Heart Association, the Diabetes Association, the Social Hygiene Association, the National Association for the Prevention of Blindness, the American Cancer Association, the American Cancer Society then created u. the, to name Association of American Medical Colleges few.

In 1908, the American Medical Association (AMA) was stalled with its reform of medical practice in the US organizational and financial. Strategically timed brilliant and perfect response facing Rockefeller and the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. Henry S. Pritchett, president of the Carnegie Foundation General Education Board, took the AMA contact and offered hypocritical, easy to take over the whole project (and also the academic education of the faculties of Law and Theology equal with to „reform“). The AMA agreed immediately.
Proposed under the guise of „charity“ Rockefeller and Carnegie three birds with one stone: 1. Others do the bulk of the work and contribute the lion’s share of the costs to be (the AMA had almost completed the project, the cost of Carnegie and Rockefeller amounted only a modest $ 10,000). 2. Secure one (unearned) Image Bonus In public yet. 3. gain control over crucial areas of public US-American life (education, health care, justice, clergy).
The result was the infamous Flexner Report, which was published 1910th Authors were the two brothers Abraham Flexner, employees of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and his brother Simon Flexner, Executive Board Member of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. Crux of the tendentious pamphlet was to give the greatest weight in the curriculum of medical education and „qualified“ to all the unconditional recommendation, the pharmacology courses (?!) To set up medical schools research departments.
Rockefeller and Carnegie began immediately to shower, „cooperative“ universities with millions of dollars from their tax-exempt foundations. The less compliant educational institutions were left empty and were eventually ousted from their financially better-equipped competitors. (1905, there were 160 medical schools, in 1927 there were only 80, so half. Of the 22 homeopathic universities in the United States in 1900 existed 23 years later only two. In 1950, had the last college, taught at the still homeopathy to give up the way:. the Rockefellers let himself only treat homeopathically 2))!
Since then prevails at the medical faculties of the United States an almost exclusive focus on the use (patented) of pharmaceutical drugs in the treatment of diseases and thus on the (paid from tax revenues) chemical and pharmaceutical research, which quickly allowed the sale of allopathic medicines to dizzying heights , So made and makes Rockefeller with his „philanthropic charity“ billion-profits!
The Association of American Medical Colleges is one of the essential instruments of tax-exempt foundations, on the Rockefeller for its global pharmaceutical cartel controls the medical education in the US and Canada to his advantage and manipulated. It was founded in 1876 with the state order, set the standards for all medical training facilities. It decides on the criteria for admission to medical studies, for the drafting of the study plans for the design of continuing education programs for doctors to communicate with the medical profession and for propaganda ( „publicity work“) Since 1901, it is funded by the Rockefellers about their foundations and masters.
Figuratively speaking, the private foundations hold the top of the pyramid of medical education occupied, since they have managed to inject their own people in the faculty committees and in key positions of the administration. In the middle of the pyramid sits the Association of American Medical Colleges (see above). The base of the pyramid is cemented, since the (private!) Foundations select the teachers themselves and use must (!). Consequently aims much of the Foundation’s activities always called on. „University Medicine“ ( „school medicine“) from. Since 1913, the foundations of research and teaching of school-medicine mastered fully.
The teachers funded at about the (tax-exempt!) foundations medical schools, usually without knowing it, indoctrinated and corrupted later. In an imperceptible selection only persons are selected who are attracted because of a personal interest for pharmacological research. The (unilateral) training at the financially dependent universities launched indirectly via the by the sponsors (pharmaceutical lobby) and given Teaching material and teaching staff and determined. As is dictated by the pharmaceutical lobby imperceptibly down to the last detail what is taught and what is not taught. (Nutritional physiology, for example, the most important aspect in medicine, not part of the medical studies! Naturopathy is only marginally treated completely distorting and negatively judgmental!)
This outweigh our medical schools faculty who propagate due to their own preferences and their education Only the pharmaceutically-oriented „science“ and the symptomatic „therapy“ that dominate the world in the modern school „medicine“. Neither the teachers nor their own students are aware of the fact that they are the product of a hidden selection process, the commercial purposes, namely the profit greed of the private lobby of the pharmaceutical industry, served. Modern medical studies allowed less thought-freedom and responsibility than any other academic training these days …!
The perishable controlling, directing and manipulative influence of the pharmaceutical lobby to the school „medicine“ goes far beyond the medical schools. After the medical student and aspiring doctor six, eight or more years has survived theory, he goes out into the world of medical practice – which captures him at once, the second strong arm of cartel control: in Germany, for. As the Medicines Commission (AMK) and the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), in the US, the American Medical Association (AMA; funded since 1908, controlled and dominated by the tax-exempt foundation Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research) the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute (both funded since 1913, monitored and controlled by the Rockefeller Inst. for Med. Res.)
The influence of the American Medical Association (AMA) to the average US-American physician is total, but not recognized for this easily. Some examples of many: So the doctor may do a doctorate at only one approved by the AMA faculty (earn his doctorate). He must complete his internship only to hospitals that meet the standards of the AMA. He wants to make a specialty training, the establishment of his time as a junior doctor and his products meet the requirements of the AMA have. Its approval (authorization practice) is issued by federal laws on which the AMA has played a major role. To its status as a state-approved „ethically practicing physician“ (?!) To confirm that an application to the medical associations of his state and its approval is through these required under the provisions adopted by the AMA method (etc., etc..).

AMA publications provide the physician side tendentious material for „training“. On the week-long annual meetings of the AMA he finds an equally tendentious „training“. Hundreds of lectures, seminars and exhibitions, he can carry suitcases selected audio or video recordings, books and brochures as well as free drug samples home. At the national level, the AMA has expanded its powers far beyond the medical schools also. The AMA decides on the „suitability“ of clinics for training for young medical students. The AMA interfere in the training of nurses and caregivers. The AMA influences the legislation on Food and Drug Administration. And not least the AMA operates the „discovery“ of and the „clarification“ of „scientifically recognized“ natural remedies and defamation, discredit, stigmatization and even criminalization of their representatives as an alleged „quack“.

For this purpose it uses (except the corrupt legislature) as criminal (public or private) syndicates, as she herself is one: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Council on Science and Health, the Consumer Health Information Research Institute, the National Council Against Health Fraud and Quack Watch, Inc., to name a few. All of these institutions have been installed by Rockefeller and controlled by him.

The American Medical Association invests each year millions of dollars in television programs to influence public opinion. It operates one of the richest and most active lobbies the US government in Washington, DC, and rally support for their agreeable and complacent political candidates. And it is crucially involved in the selection of the head of FDA.

A main source of income, in addition to the Foundation’s funds (ie taxpayers‘ money!), Their monthly publications. 1883, the AMA Journal was launched with a monthly circulation of 3,500 copies. Today, the support is at least 250,000, and the list of publications has grown to 12 separate magazines. This includes Today’s Health, a tabloid for lay on yellow press level -. Soz a „COLORFUL for amateur practitioners“. (This pamphlet attacks the successful, safe, naturopathic cancer treatment with laetrile [ „Vitamin B 17“] on behalf of Rockefeller’s always very viciously.)

Overall, the American Medical Association has annual advertising revenue of more than twenty million US dollars. The lion’s share of ads from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, which includes 95 percent of the pharmaceutical industry in the USA. Having had worked the American Medical Association for decades behind the scenes out, she succeeded in 1972 to deliver a bill whose implementation meant the first and biggest step towards the total „state“ control of medicine (the state is only the instrument of private pharmaceutical lobby – the characteristic criterion of fascism [so]) the law is named Public law 92-603 and was signed after the adoption in Congress of President Richard Nixon on 20 October 1,972th

It is called (for verification of occupational standards organization) and Professionals Standards Review Organization. Thus, the Ministry of Health, Education and Welfare was commissioned with the creation of a national and several regional bodies that are to check the professional activities of all physicians in the United States and monitor. The members of these bodies must itself be doctors, but are used or approved by government agencies and must comply with standards that they are dictated by these government agencies. These bodies have the authority to compel all doctors to adapt these standards their drug prescriptions and treatment methods. The state (u. So the private pharmaceutical lobby!) Gets access to all previously confidential patient files. Doctors who do not comply or even oppose their practice licenses (approvals) may be revoked. The whole concept was drafted by the legal department of the American Medical Association and presented to Congress as part of the „Law on Medi Credit“, but never approved by the delegates meeting of the AMA or their membership, as would have been required.

1906 was with the Law on the purity of food and medicines, the State Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was founded – launched by the proven concept of Rockefeller, funded, controlled and manipulated. In 1938, the Food and Drug Act was extended that all drug manufacturers test every new drug on its safety and had to submit for approval the test result of the FDA before the product could be placed on the market. So far so good. But the FDA was also authorized to take any substance from the market, they are „not sure“ thinks! Thus the abuse by the private pharmaceutical lobby (through the State / legislators) had opened the door.

Bad enough that the state took the „right“ and arrogated to ban medical products for alleged „questionable“. But it got worse: The Kefauver-Harris Additional Act for Food and Drug Act of 10 October 1962, the FDA was given the carte blanche to prohibit any new preparation which it considers to be „ineffective“! (Similarities and analogies to the West German Medicines Commission and its Medicines Act by the humble opinion of the author „by chance“ …!)

Since then, the FDA enriches fool license and rages against any dissenters. During a legal dispute (! At the expense of taxpayers), in danger of losing plaintiff, the FDA said a senior FDA official to the representative of the opponent’s defense: „You know, if it works like this, we’ll just another process basic find against you. „3) And Charles C. Johnson, Jr., director of the Environmental Health service, whose authority the activities of the FDA temporarily sham“ supervised „, summed up the unbearably arrogant and aggressive attitude of the already alimentierten by the taxpayer, but still corrupt officials as follows: „We have several weapons in our arsenal of submission.“


These laws are not used to our „protection“ as hypocritical claims. They serve as a weapon against us and as a tool for profit interests of global private pharmaceutical industry and thus the family dynasty rock sheet known as „Rockefeller“. The Food and Drug Administration requested sentences of up to thirty (30!) Years in prison for people who stand up publicly for the application of proven harmless and effective natural remedies that are proven for decades, centuries or even millennia! (No joke!)
Been since 1963 is in many states of the USA every doctor who prescribes the only proven effective and safe cancer drug Laetrile, prescribes or uses, charged and convicted! Physicians and patients are media attention arrested by heavily armed special units in medical practices and led away in handcuffs! In the US and Canada Laetrile can no longer manufactured, advertised, given or even tested! (Pressemitteil-ung of the „health“ -Ministeriums u. FDA from September 1, 1971). There is even a law, are after not only regulation, administration and sale of Laetrile „illegal“ but „any explanation that the said substances for the containment, relief or cure of cancer would have any value“ !! (§ 10400.1, paragraph 17 of the Californian Administrative Code)

The Food and Drug Administration ordered all bitter almond trees in the United States fell (sic!) And bitter almonds and remove bitter apricot kernels from health food stores and health food stores! (Requirements of the United States Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, FDA Publication No. 2, May 1970, p 26). According to recent decrees of the FDA, it is no longer allowed to say publicly, or even to suggest that supplements made from natural ingredients (eg. As vitamin supplements from natural materials) to be superior to artificially synthesized by pharmaceutical companies in the lab (which they are de facto yes). The manufacturer may not once again indicate on the label, from which raw material, the preparation was made. So a truthful labeling of the goods by the FDA is in fact not only prevents but also specifically prohibited!

The most insidious trick of the FDA is to have reached a legal distinction between food and medicines. With the arbitrary „definition“ of medicinal herbs such as chamomile and peppermint to „drugs“ are medicinal statements about tens of thousands of plant and animal natural products such as butter, honey, etc. „illegal“ and punishable! (No joke!) Who says public in the US and Canada and writes for colds it helps, vitamin C-containing citrus fruits to eat or drink their juice, making itself liable to prosecution! (Also not a joke!) Healing of such statements to „drugs“ redefined plants and their ingredients and their application and sale as a „natural remedies“ are there only the pharmaceutical industry allowed!
(In New Zealand, even a law has been adopted in 2010, the cultivation and consumption of food plants in your own garden to approval and subject to controls makes [NZ Government Food Bill 160 [sic] – 2 from 26. 05. 2010/22 07 . 2010]


In the United States since then countless people who publish on the topic „Health and Naturopathy“ or give lectures, was arrested on the basis of that restrictive laws that have been tried and convicted; Books and other printed matter with such statements have been banned by court decision. The restrictive laws provide a through ball for arbitrariness:
Those advocating a vegan diet for relieving metabolic diseases practicing „medicine without a license“! Who recommends a nutritional modification against obesity, practicing „medicine without a license“! Who proposes herbal raw food with lots of fiber for constipation, practicing „medicine without a license“! Who recommends taking dried blueberries or charcoal tablets for diarrhea, practicing „medicine without a license“! Propagating the intake of natural vitamin C or hot milk with honey for colds complaints, practicing „medicine without a license“! Who advises quark or healing clay packs against bruises, practicing „medicine without a license“! (No joke!)

Terrorizing and bullying and enslavement and rape of the population on behalf of and for the profit interests of the chemical and pharmaceutical lobby!

Soon it will be also in the quasi-dictatorial EU bureaucracy so:
On 31 March 2011, the fully came „European regulations for registering drugs traditionally used“ in place. In order for the transition period adopted in 2004, up to the end of herbal products have either an officially by the European Agency for Food Safety (European Food Safety Authority [EFSA]) approved statement about the health benefits or had to be registered but as herbal treatment ended (z. B. bitter apricot kernels / bitter almonds). Back in 2004, had to be taken phyto-therapeutic, ayurvedic and homeopathic preparations from the market based on this „European regulations“ more than 6,000 (!)!

The so-called. Health Claim Directive of the EU states that health claims on foods in the future by EFSA approved (!) Must be. But in fact products of traditional natural medicine with herbal ingredients (Ayurveda!) Have little to obtain such „authorization“ a chance. EFSA has set for phyto-therapeutics (herbs, spices, teas) extremely high, completely exaggerated demands – higher than for the authorization synthesized, allopathic medicines the chemical and pharmaceutical industry!

The transnational chemical and pharmaceutical industry wants to get and prevent sick people get well with the help of nature and stay naturopathy into their hands – because they can not earn it. Only a chronically ill patient is a „good“ (profitable) patient …!

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Disclaimer: The views / reviews / claims made in this article is purely subjective in nature and is in no way a treatment recommendation or a recommendation, to treat diseases or prevent. If you have any questions, please contact your doctor or pharmacist … (Good luck ;o) !!!